'Tragedy follows them around, it’s as if they’re cursed': Trump's billionaire ambassador to Britain is haunted by his drug addict daughter's tragic death in a rat-infested Hollywood mansion

The billionaire owner of an American football team, Robert ‘Woody’ Johnson IV promises to be one of the most colourful of all political appointments by Donald Trump. Heir to the Johnson & Johnson baby powder and shampoo fortune, he is due to take up his post as America’s new ambassador to Britain within weeks. But behind the dazzling corporate success is a crippling personal tragedy from which, his family claim, Woody has never fully recovered. His eldest daughter Casey, a beautiful but troubled young woman, died in 2010 aged just 30 in a rat-infested Hollywood mansion following years of drug abuse.

Archaeologists discover 2,400-year-old solid gold ‘bongs’ used by Aryan kings to smoke cannabis at ceremonies

Archaeologists have uncovered two 2,400-year-old pure gold ‘bongs’ that were used by Aryan tribal chiefs to smoke cannabis during ceremonies. The historic drug paraphernalia was found alongside 7lbs of other gold items when an area of land was dug up in Russia to make way for power lines. They items had been buried in a stone chamber before being concealed by a thick layer of clay.

Is there a Bigfoot family in Yellowstone? Shadowy figures in Wyoming caught on old faithful webcam

A video said to be shot in Yellowstone Park in Wyoming shows a group of shadowy bipedal figures, raising questions about whether this may be yet another potential sighting of a 'Bigfoot' creature. The footage was captured on Christmas Day, in a cellphone video of the National Park Service-controlled live video feed from Yellowstone's Old Faithful geyser, according to the anonymous YouTube user who posted the video.