A five-year-old Bosnian boy has had his wildest dreams come true. He seems to have the same superpower as X-Men super villain Magneto – metal objects stick to him like a magnet. Continue reading...

Scottish whisky worker captures ‘clearest ever photo of Loch Ness Monster’ (Video)
Views: 38,907
Woman discovered in a perfect marble casket in Russia is 800 MILLION YEARS OLD
Views: 18,828
Woman looks at her vacation photos from Thailand and makes a TERRIFYING DISCOVERY
Views: 15,725
The man with the half-metre PENIS: 54-year-old man rejects the chance to have his 18-inch member reduced (but he won't be able to have sex unless he does so)
Views: 14,841
Alien soldier spotted stalking Curiosity Rover on Mars
Views: 14,316
Woman makes a HORRIFYING discovery after taking a photo of her boyfriend
Views: 12,950
Putin orders combat alert as CIA plots to assassinate Trump
Views: 12,708
NASA and Russia received three detailed messages from alien planet
Views: 36,669
WW3 false flag in the making? Images leaked showing US military jets disguised as Russian planes
Views: 23,653
Military plane approaching a UFO. See what happens then...
Views: 22,975
Trump: Pedophiles deserve the death penalty
Views: 11,207
‘Stoned’ guy’s insane theory on life after death goes massively viral
Views: 10,732
Europe’s forgotten ‘Hitler’ killed over 10 million Africans — but the West erased it from history
Views: 10,258
Aliens meddled with U.S. election claims controversial expert
Views: 9,799
Russia warns Trump: 'The elites planning your ASSASSINATION!'
Views: 18,670
Revealed! The 2017 Nostradamus predictions aim for terrifying times!
Views: 17,842
This doctor snapchats videos of boob job surgeries
Views: 8,880
This is why the Annunaki came to earth
Views: 17,418
Neighbor sees boy in window of abandoned home, but cop is horrified when he gets search warrant
Views: 8,672
Bear trapped in a ‘torture vest’ for years is now finally getting the life she deserves
Views: 8,256
Chinese restaurant is accused of serving human feet to diners in Italy after gruesome image of rotting flesh is posted online by a waiter
Views: 8,200
Girl sends pornstar to test boyfriend’s loyalty, instantly regrets it
Views: 8,077
US Major General claims that a MISSILE hit the Pentagon on 9/11, not an airplane
Views: 8,003
Paedophile ‘fought like a pit bull’ after being caught out by vigilantes
Views: 7,870
NASA: This space rock is worth 10,000 quadrillion US dollars
Views: 7,864
The Enigmalith: This electrical component found embedded in stone is 100,000 years old
Views: 7,863
Human or lamb creature found in Russia
Views: 15,676
The incredible bulk: 6ft 3in Pakistani man who weighs 68-stone and plays tug o' war against a tractor eats 36 eggs for breakfast every day in a bid to become the real-life Hercules
Views: 7,791
Elvis in disguise? Conspiracy fans claim the King is ALIVE and visited graceland on his 82nd birthday
Views: 7,759
AUTHENTIC video of the demon or angel in Baton Rouge Louisiana
Views: 7,652
Celebrities call for ‘Total Hollywood Strike’ until Trump resigns
Views: 7,591
Was this massive sword from the 15th century used by a giant samurai?
Views: 22,576
The AUTOPSY on a 10-year-old girl raped and murdered while her mom watched has been released
Views: 7,500
Divers find a lost camera in the middle of the ocean, and the owner tells a harrowing tale
Views: 7,422
The 5 most terrifying & disturbing 'things' found FROZEN IN ICE
Views: 7,392
An 'ice monster' has been filmed in Alaska's Chena river - What is it?
Views: 14,631
Man has hilariously frustrating call with bank after his great aunt passes away
Views: 7,255
In 1850, she VANISHED without a trace, but years later her strange fate is REVEALED
Views: 6,969
Thousands sign petition to free man who killed his daughter’s sex attacker
Views: 6,900
Driver in Costa Rica snaps photos of a STRANGE creature that some claim is an extraterrestrial
Views: 6,866
Russians found proof of Annunaki civilization in Antarctica
Views: 19,933
Pentagon secret – The Anunnaki are returning
Views: 39,586
5 major earthquakes in 48 hours as seismologists warns ‘catastrophic mega earthquakes’ are coming
Views: 6,485
Is this a new escalation? Black chemtrails reported around the world!
Views: 12,889
The Amazon tribe that has evolved flat feet after years of catching primates to eat by climbing trees and shooting them with blowpipes
Views: 6,405
Prince Michael Jackson reveals why he wore those masks as a child
Views: 6,342
After her baby is thrown from the car in a crash, rescuers make an unreal discovery
Views: 12,420
Mum had sex with her 12-year-old son ‘because he was ill’
Views: 6,148
The most powerful point of the human body? Here is what happens if you put pressure on it
Views: 18,355
US soldier: 'The real enemy is the NWO and we have to fight them'
Views: 18,100
Google tracks every move you do, and here is the link to prove it
Views: 17,710
UFO hit by lightning during thunderstorm - moment of impact and crash filmed - France 2017
Views: 5,839
Government demands Google delete this photo of mysterious island
Views: 5,816
Chinese man live-streams himself dissecting a puppy 'to seek revenge on animal lovers who cost him the last chance to see his dying relative'
Views: 5,795
Mermaid corpse washes ashore on secluded beach in the UK — best evidence so far?
Views: 16,905
Zero point energy: the alien technology that will change everything
Views: 11,196
Fukushima: The extinction-level event that no one is talking about
Views: 5,552
This child's rape and murder was heinous enough, but the autopsy told an awful story
Views: 5,546
Finally exposed: The 13 families that are secretly ruling the world
Views: 5,322
Guy whose Tinder date fell to her death reveals what really happened
Views: 5,286
The Lanzhou Stone: PROOF of advanced prehistoric or Extraterrestrial civilization?
Views: 20,941
This woman’s RESPONSE to her husband claiming he got richer and she grew less attractive is GOLD
Views: 5,154
Florida dog owner, 23, accused of having sex more than 100 times with his pit bull named Baby Girl
Views: 5,125
'Psychopathic' husband murdered his wife then burned her body in acid - but was brought undone when police found her porcelain false teeth in a drain
Views: 4,927
Incredible! Man comes forward with physical proof of Bigfoot
Views: 4,906
What doctors are doing to this woman looks horrifying, but they’re doing it for a good reason
Views: 9,797
Last words of killer who murdered two kids and their parents
Views: 4,885
The European winter is so harsh that a fox got frozen after falling into a river in Germany
Views: 4,774
Twisted teenager 'doused a kitten in gasoline and set it on fire' before animal was saved by firefighter
Views: 4,754
Putin receives a personnal message from Trump: I may not live through the week
Views: 4,705
Woman with ‘biggest bum on the continent’ becomes internet sensation, obviously
Views: 4,592
If looks could kill! Michelle Obama's major 'side-eye' during Trump's inauguration speech sends Twitter into a frenzy
Views: 4,589
AMAZING! Giant staircase found in Antarctica has sparked mystery!
Views: 4,518
'Old dog sticking to his old tricks!' Internet calls out Bill Clinton for 'checking out Ivanka Trump' - until he got busted by Hillary
Views: 4,484
Physicists maybe, just maybe, confirm the possible discovery of 5th force of nature
Views: 8,968
Militarized police shoot journalist at Standing Rock protest
Views: 8,774
A giant geomagnetic storm has cracked Earth's magnetic shield
Views: 8,420
Tiny, 2,300-year-old Egyptian mummy believed to be a hawk is actually a HUMAN FETUS
Views: 8,389
Teen rapist carved name in victim’s arm then laughed
Views: 4,173
This starving dog was turning into stone, but 6 weeks later, she’s completely unrecognizable
Views: 8,027
Legendary Thor's hammer discovered on Danish island
Views: 4,005
Bizarre! Terrifying creature captured on camera walking in haunted forest
Views: 3,980
Breaking: Vaticans knowledge of ET intelligence, disclosure and zero point energy emails by Wikileak
Views: 15,854
Melting Antarctica ice REVEALS UFO underwater base
Views: 3,954
The third secret of Fatima - The truth the Vatican covered up
Views: 19,283
Netanyahu to release evidence of Washington pedophile ring
Views: 3,845
US warns Russia: “Aliens on their way, will be here in 2017”
Views: 7,685
This woman takes her own amputated foot with her everywhere she goes
Views: 3,803
Girl, seven, found dying in a field by her mum had had her throat slashed
Views: 3,796
Woman’s angry resignation letter to her employer goes viral for a crazy reason
Views: 7,527
Two men charged with molesting a pig called Polly and torturing chickens to remain behind bars after being refused bail
Views: 3,713
12-year-old schoolgirl in critical condition after being 'gang raped by headteacher and three of his staff'
Views: 3,654
Teen who broke into 82-year-old disabled widow's home and raped her at knifepoint is sentenced to 115 years in prison
Views: 3,650
Kings of the jungle, butchered so their paws and heads can be used in black magic rituals: Three lions are just the latest to be poisoned and decapitated for cruel trade
Views: 3,597
CIA has interfered with over 81 foreign elections in the past century
Views: 3,533
Parallel universes really exist, confirm scientists
Views: 3,502
Man who raped girl, 12, spared jail because he goes to church
Views: 3,498
Two stars will collide in massive supernova visible from Earth
Views: 3,494
Elderly couple evicted, thrown out on the street, for failing to pay property taxes on their home
Views: 3,437
This guy is offering free Coachella tickets if you agree to his creepy demands
Views: 3,434
People just realized what owls look like without feathers and OMG
Views: 3,427
Possessed doll moves head while little girl plays in her room
Views: 3,388
Is this proof America is preparing for war with Russia? US plane is spotted in a mock dogfight with a Russian jet above the top secret Area 51 base
Views: 3,386
Are cats spies sent by aliens? Here is the evidence, decide for yourself!
Views: 3,246
WARNING: Deadly worm has infected livestock and vegetation there may be no stopping it
Views: 12,914
Man dies suddenly, then his grieving horse smells his casket and breaks down at the funeral
Views: 3,184
When this pet bird spots a toy snake, his animal INSTINCTS immediately kick in!
Views: 3,143
Twisted thug raped sleeping girlfriend and bragged about ‘daily abuse’ online
Views: 3,132
Two animals from totally different species found having sex by scientists
Views: 3,118
Explorers discover the ancient ruins of the lost ‘City of the Monkey God’ and contract rare flesh-eating disease
Views: 3,099
Someone put three dachshunds in this lion’s enclosure and now they’re best friends
Views: 3,053
Chinese great-grandma, 92, is forced to live in a filthy cage for years by her son and daughter-in-law
Views: 3,031
Scientist who co-discovered the DNA says our genes were brought here by aliens
Views: 2,980
This giant cube UFO keeps returning to our Sun. Why?
Views: 2,949
Pope Francis releases stomach churning warning that this is the END TIMES
Views: 5,765
These texts show the grim consequences when you accidentally message the wrong person
Views: 2,874
Meet ‘The Eye’ a strange and nearly perfect spherical island that moves
Views: 14,306
7 GRUESOME weapons that have been completely banned in modern warfare
Views: 2,822
‘Werewolf’ Russian serial killer reveals sick way he murdered 81 women
Views: 2,699
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has a secret unpublished layer on top that changes everything!
Views: 8,007
Donald Trump ‘highly likely’ to face impeachment within first 18 months as US president, expert warns
Views: 2,630
A pair of glasses were left on the floor at a museum and everyone mistook it for art
Views: 2,561
'Mummified remains of mystery monster' found in Yakutia
Views: 10,053
Amazing! NASA's new engine is physics defying and will get spaceships to Mars in days!
Views: 5,019
The moment a quick-thinking gun store owner pulls out his own gun and shoots an armed robber dead
Views: 2,491
Olympic diver Tom Daley 'confesses all to his husband-to-be after admitting online sex session with fan'
Views: 2,438
Couple married for 64 years die hours apart while holding hands in hospital bed
Views: 2,395
Remains of ancient extraterrestrial laboratory discovered in China
Views: 11,969
Leaked NASA footage proves man already walked on Mars
Views: 4,649
Huge Earth crack opens up in South Africa
Views: 2,310
The Vatican paid nearly $4 billion to settle pedophilia lawsuits
Views: 2,288
This heartbroken cat has lived by dead owner’s grave for a year
Views: 2,270
Donald Trump press conference: Folders 'containing his business plan' appear to be blank
Views: 2,253
Dad sleeps with mother and daughter in most incestuous Jeremy Kyle ever
Views: 2,188
High strangeness in Antarctica - tunnels as tall as the Eiffel Tower discovered
Views: 4,338
How to stop your phone from tracking your every move
Views: 2,159
A stunning new crop circle has shown up & it’s very mysterious
Views: 2,123
Here’s what Donald Trump’s Mexican wall might look like
Views: 2,115
Pentagon insider claims: 'The Anunnaki will come back to Earth'
Views: 2,087
Chief exorcist says Devil is in Vatican
Views: 4,037
Dylann Roof sentenced to death for Charleston church shooting
Views: 1,981
Istanbul nightclub gunman suspect found ‘in bloodied state’
Views: 1,969
People are losing their minds after seeing this video of a woman becoming possessed
Views: 3,938
Man lets himself get bit by a dangerous spider — days later he pulls this out of his arm
Views: 3,841
Bizarre evidence ancient aliens visited Earth 250,000 years ago, China’s pictures of structures on the moon
Views: 3,823
Within hours of Donald Trump being president, these 12 things have already happened
Views: 3,818
Erich von Daniken concludes: Aliens will RETURN to Earth within 20 years
Views: 3,609
Former MI6 agent Christopher Steele's frustration as FBI sat on Donald Trump Russia file for months
Views: 1,763
81-year-old man buys a random painting at Goodwill, then notices something that changes his life
Views: 3,504
Four-armed UFO appears on NASA live stream and they shut the transmission down again
Views: 3,481
Hero journalist who exposed CIA infiltration and manipulation of media found dead
Views: 1,710
Scientists warn: earth is heading for a new ice age
Views: 5,128
Experts reveal if World War Three has already begun
Views: 1,694
Dog saves owner’s life by lying on him for nearly 24 hours in freezing conditions
Views: 1,670
New scientific theory suggests humans are a hybrid of pigs and chimpanzees
Views: 5,003
Top 10 conspiracy theories of all time
Views: 3,262
That is just amazing! The whole Annunaki story in very well made cartoons!
Views: 3,246
That's the REAL reason we never went back to the moon
Views: 4,778
Apollo 20: The recovery of an alien girl
Views: 4,714
Herd of elephants trample poacher to death
Views: 1,568
Anonymous warns that The Pentagon thinks World War III is ‘imminent’
Views: 3,114
The search for MH370 is ABANDONED: Passenger plane that vanished three years ago will never be found… and the cause of its disappearance will remain a mystery
Views: 1,538
Nigerian government official's son, 26, raped and killed a high-class escort just weeks after arriving in Scotland for university
Views: 1,508
People who post about their relationships all the time ‘aren’t actually happy’
Views: 1,506
Soul leaving the body of a lifeless women after crash
Views: 2,979
‘Floating city’ appears in sky for second time in two years
Views: 1,473
Fisherman finds brick of cocaine floating off the coast of Florida
Views: 2,937
Anonymous threaten to leak information that could ruin Donald Trump
Views: 1,466
Yes, this is really a photo of the White House staff waiting to greet President Trump
Views: 2,923
Wikileaks email implies The Vatican has proof of alien life
Views: 2,833
Putin warns US: 'If you want a confrontation, you'll get one everywhere'
Views: 2,780
Muhammad Ali once talked a suicidal man out of jumping to his death
Views: 1,344
SWALLOWED ALIVE: This incredible man survived inside a whale’s stomach for three days
Views: 5,261
Chinese farmer finds one of the world’s rarest creatures — and now he wants to find it a home
Views: 2,600
US tells Russia that time for “apocalypse equation” is now
Views: 2,580
Trump bombshell for the establishment: I’m going to reopen the 9/11 investigation
Views: 2,562
A breeder was going to throw this puppy away for the most ridiculous reason
Views: 1,271
Pentagon warns WWIII is going to be 'extremely lethal and fast'
Views: 2,536
'I was forced into pornography with adults and other children, caged like an animal': Woman was trafficked for sex by her male nanny at just SEVEN
Views: 1,253
Van Damme exposes The Rothschild and Rockefeller agenda live on TV
Views: 2,495
Unravelling the mystery of the Maronite mummies: Why were medieval mummies hidden in a cave?
Views: 1,222
They lure the cop who arrested them into their home. Then they hand him this.
Views: 2,355
6,000 years ago The Sahara was green and rainy
Views: 1,156
Arcturians - The only alien race which exists in fourth and fifth dimensions
Views: 2,234
Amir Khan video may be start of big leak as 7 more celebrity sex tapes appear online
Views: 1,115
Dad who made a devastating choice 21 years ago finally gets what he deserves
Views: 2,226
The truth about Parma ham: Secret cameras reveal sick and dying pigs are beaten and kept in disgusting conditions at an Italian farm which supplies meat to the UK
Views: 1,104
Nasa’s Curiosity rover finds a ‘melted metal’ on the surface of mars
Views: 2,201
Her parents said she was possessed and needed an exorcism, but the truth came out in court
Views: 2,188
Iceland sentences 26 corrupt bankers to 74 years in prison
Views: 2,164
Spotted! Evidence of Martian civilization as Rover captures alien structure on camera!
Views: 2,079
Deadly predator suddenly appears at river's edge in front of fisherman - but can you spot the 'monster?'
Views: 1,013
When this man’s car was blocked in, he came up with a solution that stunned everyone
Views: 1,988
Has the 164-year-old mummy of Buddhist Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov moved inside his palace?
Views: 1,978
Edgar Cayce's mind-blowing prophecy about Putin’s role in World War III
Views: 2,966
Russian man goes viral after throwing girlfriend in the bin…
Views: 985
The sixty most disturbing photos of human history
Views: 2,887
Online ‘child exchange’ where adopted kids are illegally handed off to new parents is exposed
Views: 907
Anonymous releases message, this time only to The Indigo Children!
Views: 1,800
Journey to Agartha, an underground kingdom
Views: 1,792
Russia accidentally unleashed a bio weapon during The Cold War, and we JUST found out about it
Views: 1,789
Former CIA contractor claims aliens are using our planet “like a supermarket”
Views: 1,762
Swiss scientist say Atlantis was on Mars and Ancient Egypt traded with them
Views: 3,471
Leaked NASA image shows 6-mile-long alien mothership on the other side of the moon
Views: 1,722
Monks had their flesh RIPPED off before burial: 1,000-year-old monastery in Sudan reveals the grisly ritual
Views: 829
Leaked footage shows dog being ‘abused’ while shooting movie scene
Views: 819
Bill Murray tells the ONE most powerful TRUTH about waking up!
Views: 2,453
NASA detects giant unknown 'object' on its course to Earth
Views: 4,026
Drone takes footage of REAL DRAGON
Views: 1,610
Meet the 80-year-old who has spent his life underwater
Views: 1,560
Millions of South Koreans rise up against shadow government
Views: 1,535
UFO hunter claims evidence that a 3-cm tall alien 'sabotaged' NASA's rover
Views: 1,525
Donald Trump to be sued by woman who accused him of sexual assault
Views: 760
Police saw 12 kids forming an arrow on the ground. Seconds later, they realized what was happening
Views: 2,259
Hopi tribe predicts end of the world after eight previous accurate predictions!
Views: 2,213
Planet Nine could be a 'rogue world' captured from another solar system
Views: 723
Aliens captured in Russia - RARE footage
Views: 3,563
Boy’s body has strange ability that has top doctors scratching their head
Views: 709
There are 13 faces hidden inside this painting… and almost nobody can spot them all
Views: 1,409
Child called Nong Yousui is from a new human race living in China
Views: 3,352
CIA-backed 'D-Wave Quantum Computer' will change your view of reality forever
Views: 2,579
Their baby daughter won’t stop crying, until they look at her toes and realize why
Views: 1,264
This upscale Japanese restaurant has a new dish that’s really turning heads…and stomachs
Views: 1,259
Officials: Fukushima has now contaminated 1/3 of the worlds oceans
Views: 2,456
Life - Alien footage from curiosity rover
Views: 1,210
This drug may have been the secret fuel that gave The Nazis their terrifying power
Views: 1,191
Bizarre! Drone records speeding UFO over trees
Views: 1,111
Scientists find a MASSIVE CONTINENT did sink in the distant past
Views: 1,092
Former Navy officer exposes TOP secret Government pact with Aliens
Views: 2,717
He finds a severed human leg in his BBQ…when the owner shows up, things get out of control
Views: 1,026
This video shows solid evidence that ancient aliens created the human race
Views: 984
Iraqi minister claims ancient civilizations traveled to space over 7,000 years ago
Views: 1,474
Terrified mum finds one of world's deadliest scorpions in her Amazon package
Views: 467
This pilot got the shock of his life when he realized who his passenger really was
Views: 933
Solar Warden: A fully operational, top-secret ‘black budget’ space program
Views: 921
According to the Macuxi Indians of the Amazon there's an entire world inside our planet
Views: 1,146
Have UFOs been spotted in Malaysia? Bizarre video shows two white orbs in the sky over Penang
Views: 379
Plan to arrest George Soros is hatched…more details coming soon
Views: 739
Firefighter falls to his knees on the tarmac…when he sees the chopper he knows it’s time
Views: 722
Shock! NASA's images and clips show flowing water and moving clouds on Mars!
Views: 677
Russian sleep experiment: The most disturbing human experiment
Views: 947
Anonymous message to the corrupted media
Views: 553
More than 1,000 registered and licensed doctors have criminal convictions... including possession of indecent images of children, sexual assault and threats to kill
Views: 192
The Hunza people: Never get sick, no cancer and live up to 100 years. Here is why.
Views: 385
This girl has been dead for 500 years: What the scientists have found will leave you shocked (Video)
Views: 84