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1.8-Year-Old Child Passed Away While Having Sex with Her 40-Year-Old Husband on their Wedding Night
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2.NASA should’ve looked TWICE before posting these images of the Apollo Moon missions
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3.Mom Posts Picture Of Her Baby Bump. Cop Are Hunting Her Down For What’s In Background
Views: 15,750
4.Men Brutally Beat Woman For Wearing Short Skirt, Then Her Boyfriend Shows Up (Video)
Views: 15,183
5.Woman Spends $76K To Get 'The Perfect Female Body'; Here's What She Used To Look Like (Photos)
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6.Watch: Here's What Scientists Found When They Opened A Cave That Had Been Isolated For More Than 5.5 Million Years [VIDEO] - Hidden Potential
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7.Teens Threaten Man Then Attack Him All At Once, Realize Their Mistake When It's Too Late (Video)
Views: 12,912
8.Video: She Had An Unfortunate Wadrdobe Malfunction On Live TV That Will Have Her Blushing For Years
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9.Young Punk Thinks He Can Away With Spitting In A Marine’s Face, Learns Harsh lesson
Views: 11,925
10.These People Had Full Body Scan On Airport And What Was Discovered Was Shocking
Views: 11,692
11.Model Posts Backstage Picture From Blowjob Tour Of The Country
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12.President Trump Immediately Does This After A Navy SEAL Is Killed By Terrorists
Views: 11,588
13.A doomsday asteroid will hit Earth next month and trigger devastating mega-tsunamis, claims conspiracy theorist
Views: 11,183
14.Truth Comes Out About Teen Who Had Sex With 25 Boys In School Bathroom
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15.Archaeologists Unearthed The First Pope! What They Found May Prove That Jesus Never Existed
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1.Dad sleeps with mother and daughter in most incestuous Jeremy Kyle ever
Views: 2,592
2.Scientists have wondered about this fossil for 60 years — now they finally know what it is
Views: 6,856
3.Women's march: Women hate Donald Trump so much they are even marching against him in Antarctica
Views: 913
4.Mum had sex with her 12-year-old son ‘because he was ill’
Views: 10,539
5.Paedophile ‘fought like a pit bull’ after being caught out by vigilantes
Views: 11,211
6.Putin warns US: 'If you want a confrontation, you'll get one everywhere'
Views: 4,876
7.Chinese great-grandma, 92, is forced to live in a filthy cage for years by her son and daughter-in-law
Views: 5,865
8.A breeder was going to throw this puppy away for the most ridiculous reason
Views: 3,170
9.Two men charged with molesting a pig called Polly and torturing chickens to remain behind bars after being refused bail
Views: 3,906
10.Bisexual schoolgirl, 13, hanged herself in woodland after splitting up with her girlfriend and becoming convinced that everyone hated her
Views: 2,612
11.Terrified burglars scared off by 'sexy' 6ft-tall mannequin after smashing their way into art shop
Views: 725
12.Boyfriend tricks his girlfriend into thinking he was in bed when he was actually in the pub
Views: 1,929
13.Prince Michael Jackson reveals why he wore those masks as a child
Views: 9,780
14.Boy’s body has strange ability that has top doctors scratching their head
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15.Woman discovered in a perfect marble casket in Russia is 800 MILLION YEARS OLD
Views: 26,715