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1.Girl Orgasms In Front Of Mum As 'Vibrating Panties' Prank Goes Wrong
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2.Lynch Mob Drags Woman From Cell And Throws Her On Bonfire
Views: 16,901
3.The Lie We Live..! Everybody Should Watch This Video. I’m Speechless. Spread It!
Views: 12,299
4.In 1974, An Entire Family Vanished Into Thin Air From Their Campsite. Nearly 8 Months Later, They Were All Found Dead. After 43 Years, Will Police Ever Catch Their Killer?
Views: 11,604
5.President Trump Immediately Does This After A Navy SEAL Is Killed By Terrorists
Views: 11,328
6.These People Had Full Body Scan On Airport And What Was Discovered Was Shocking
Views: 11,099
7.Young Punk Thinks He Can Away With Spitting In A Marine’s Face, Learns Harsh lesson
Views: 10,934
8.A doomsday asteroid will hit Earth next month and trigger devastating mega-tsunamis, claims conspiracy theorist
Views: 10,846
9.Hiker Snaps A Photo And Checks His Camera — Then Starts To Shake With Terror
Views: 10,670
10.Dad and son who raped 13-year-old give pathetic reason for their disturbing actions
Views: 10,315
11.The Next Time You See This Hand Drier At A Washroom, DON'T Use It. You'll Thank Us Later
Views: 10,016
12.Only 3% have an 'X' on their both hands: Here’s what it means!
Views: 9,752
13.Man notices strange circles appearing on his walls and discovers a secret room behind them
Views: 9,709
14.She’s Been On Welfare For 14 Years. Thinks She’s Entitled, Has New Outrageous Demands
Views: 9,349
15.Mysterious ‘Space Capsule From The Past' Landed In Arizona
Views: 9,347
1.Putin orders combat alert as CIA plots to assassinate Trump
Views: 15,759
2.Revealed: 6 million-year-old fossil of a fearsome otter the size of a WOLF is discovered in China
Views: 675
3.From sex with aliens to encounters with giants: Will virtual reality be used to secretly fulfil bizarre fetishes?
Views: 627
4.'Terrorist, you have a gun': confronting moment Asian woman racially attacks Muslim wearing a niqab as she bangs on her car window and tries to rip off the windscreen wipers
Views: 4,817
5.Someone put three dachshunds in this lion’s enclosure and now they’re best friends
Views: 5,205
6.Celebrities call for ‘Total Hollywood Strike’ until Trump resigns
Views: 9,989
7.A stunning new crop circle has shown up & it’s very mysterious
Views: 2,379
8.This doctor snapchats videos of boob job surgeries
Views: 12,549
9.Alien abduction caught in a series of satellite images
Views: 7,712
10.Hopi tribe predicts end of the world after eight previous accurate predictions!
Views: 5,479
11.How to stop your phone from tracking your every move
Views: 4,000
12.George Michael 'was hooked on sex drug' claims former lover who says he supplied the star with GHB hundreds of times
Views: 5,471
13.Mother of 8 children on welfare says she can’t get a job because she’s just too pretty
Views: 7,668
14.British mother being held in Iran has her five year prison sentence confirmed despite campaign by husband to bring her home
Views: 3,159
15.'Old dog sticking to his old tricks!' Internet calls out Bill Clinton for 'checking out Ivanka Trump' - until he got busted by Hillary
Views: 5,395