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There’s a chance that the world governments have a secret pact to exploit the moon for its minerals. This pact may be signed by other ET species residing in the Universe, which could explain why this alliance has a secretive nature. However, since greed is a common trait among humans, there shouldn’t be long until someone is excluded out of this alliance, and eventually disclose this secret project to humanity.

Countless rumors speak of an alien base located on the dark side of the moon – the side we never get to see, and it’s no secret that, in 2009, NASA publicly bombed a portion of the moon for unclear reasons. Other leaked images originating from NASA’s headquarters reveal different structures found up there that are likely to be artificial in nature. Continue reading...

1.This is why the Annunaki came to earth
Views: 17,712
Published: 2 weeks ago
2.A pair of glasses were left on the floor at a museum and everyone mistook it for art
Views: 2,718
Published: 1 week ago
3.Man dies suddenly, then his grieving horse smells his casket and breaks down at the funeral
Views: 3,468
Published: 1 week ago
4.Is NASA hiding aliens? Astronaut covers up evidence of mystery flashing lights moving past the space station, UFO hunters claim
Views: 1,093
Published: 18 hours ago
5.Former Navy officer exposes TOP secret Government pact with Aliens
Views: 3,101
Published: 1 week ago
6.Plan to arrest George Soros is hatched…more details coming soon
Views: 780
Published: 2 days ago
7.This doctor snapchats videos of boob job surgeries
Views: 9,234
Published: 1 week ago
8.Anonymous warns that The Pentagon thinks World War III is ‘imminent’
Views: 3,401
Published: 1 week ago
9.Driver in Costa Rica snaps photos of a STRANGE creature that some claim is an extraterrestrial
Views: 7,276
Published: 1 week ago
10.The Amazon tribe that has evolved flat feet after years of catching primates to eat by climbing trees and shooting them with blowpipes
Views: 7,846
Published: 2 days ago
11.Secret Service will investigate Madonna after singer says she wants to BLOW up the White House in expletive-filled rant at women's march
Views: 1,325
Published: 10 hours ago
12.Girl, seven, found dying in a field by her mum had had her throat slashed
Views: 4,038
Published: 5 days ago
13.This girl has been dead for 500 years: What the scientists have found will leave you shocked (Video)
Views: 116
Published: 4 days ago
14.US Major General claims that a MISSILE hit the Pentagon on 9/11, not an airplane
Views: 8,221
Published: 1 week ago
15.Finally exposed: The 13 families that are secretly ruling the world
Views: 5,643
Published: 3 days ago
16.More than 1,000 registered and licensed doctors have criminal convictions... including possession of indecent images of children, sexual assault and threats to kill
Views: 528
Published: 1 day ago
17.‘Werewolf’ Russian serial killer reveals sick way he murdered 81 women
Views: 2,905
Published: 1 week ago
18.Couple married for 64 years die hours apart while holding hands in hospital bed
Views: 2,609
Published: 1 week ago
19.The truth about Parma ham: Secret cameras reveal sick and dying pigs are beaten and kept in disgusting conditions at an Italian farm which supplies meat to the UK
Views: 1,314
Published: 1 day ago
20.Pope Francis releases stomach churning warning that this is the END TIMES
Views: 5,989
Published: 6 days ago
21.The Hunza people: Never get sick, no cancer and live up to 100 years. Here is why.
Views: 438
Published: 2 days ago
22.Tiny, 2,300-year-old Egyptian mummy believed to be a hawk is actually a HUMAN FETUS
Views: 8,588
Published: 2 weeks ago
23.Divers find a lost camera in the middle of the ocean, and the owner tells a harrowing tale
Views: 9,869
Published: 1 day ago
24.Child called Nong Yousui is from a new human race living in China
Views: 3,587
Published: 1 week ago
25.Twisted teenager 'doused a kitten in gasoline and set it on fire' before animal was saved by firefighter
Views: 4,898
Published: 1 week ago
26.This upscale Japanese restaurant has a new dish that’s really turning heads…and stomachs
Views: 1,287
Published: 2 days ago
27.Donald Trump ‘highly likely’ to face impeachment within first 18 months as US president, expert warns
Views: 2,894
Published: 1 week ago
28.Putin warns US: 'If you want a confrontation, you'll get one everywhere'
Views: 2,923
Published: 1 week ago
29.The European winter is so harsh that a fox got frozen after falling into a river in Germany
Views: 4,994
Published: 1 week ago
30.New scientific theory suggests humans are a hybrid of pigs and chimpanzees
Views: 5,120
Published: 1 week ago
31.Melting Antarctica ice REVEALS UFO underwater base
Views: 5,671
Published: 1 day ago
32.He’s known as The Greenock Catman, and his story is nightmare-inducing
Views: 0
33.Swiss scientist say Atlantis was on Mars and Ancient Egypt traded with them
Views: 4,054
Published: 2 days ago
34.Experts reveal if World War Three has already begun
Views: 1,789
Published: 3 days ago
35.Can you spot the subtle differences between these pictures? Quiz masters say only geniuses can spot how the images have been altered
Views: 410
Published: 3 hours ago
36.Shock! NASA's images and clips show flowing water and moving clouds on Mars!
Views: 705
Published: 4 days ago
37.Militarized police shoot journalist at Standing Rock protest
Views: 8,946
Published: 2 weeks ago
38.Guy whose Tinder date fell to her death reveals what really happened
Views: 5,507
Published: 1 week ago
39.Have UFOs been spotted in Malaysia? Bizarre video shows two white orbs in the sky over Penang
Views: 477
Published: 1 day ago
40.This starving dog was turning into stone, but 6 weeks later, she’s completely unrecognizable
Views: 8,244
Published: 2 weeks ago
41.This woman takes her own amputated foot with her everywhere she goes
Views: 3,982
Published: 1 week ago
42.US soldier: 'The real enemy is the NWO and we have to fight them'
Views: 18,215
Published: 1 week ago
43.The real-life X-Files: How CIA recruited Uri Geller to test his psychic abilities and were stunned when he was able to match random drawings by an agent sealed in another room
Views: 2,039
Published: 17 hours ago
44.A stunning new crop circle has shown up & it’s very mysterious
Views: 2,184
Published: 3 days ago
45.Mother of 8 children on welfare says she can’t get a job because she’s just too pretty
Views: 5,640
Published: 23 hours ago
46.Bizarre! Drone records speeding UFO over trees
Views: 1,152
Published: 2 days ago
47.Twisted thug raped sleeping girlfriend and bragged about ‘daily abuse’ online
Views: 3,474
Published: 1 week ago
48.Edgar Cayce's mind-blowing prophecy about Putin’s role in World War III
Views: 3,027
Published: 3 days ago
49.Some people in China are actually paying for bags of fresh air
Views: 519
Published: 8 hours ago
50.People just realized what owls look like without feathers and OMG
Views: 3,607
Published: 4 days ago